(1812-1901) JOHN JASPER Born a slave in Virginia, became a Baptist convert in 1837. He eventually answered the call to preach, and became an extremely popular minister. One of Jasper’s most well-known sermon was entitle “De Sun Do Move,” and he delivered it over 250 times to large audiences. Although his speaking style was uneducated and reflected his rural roots, his message was powerful and earned him a royal following. Today’s African American community continues
(1834-1892) THOMAS MORRIS CHESTER Was the first and only African American correspondent for a major daily newspaper during the Civil War. Working for the Philadelphia Press, he covered the activities of African American troops around Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia. Prior to the war, Chester was editor of the publication Star of Liberia. In recent years, he practiced law In England. His Successes helped open the field of mass communications – including radio and TV- broadcasting,